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dynamic page layout building slow

Sorry - i don't know why only the heading appeared.
I have a custom object with 250 fields.
I am using a dynamic page layout to control which fields are displayed depending on the values of some picklists.
This works fine for the user, but building the page layout is very slow - if I want to move a field or change the visibility filter, it typically takes about 6 seconds between clicks.
What can I do to speed this up?
I tried different browsers in Windows 10 - Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Vivalda and Firefox on Ubuntu with no noticeable difference.
My PC is a Ryzen 3600 with 16Gb of RAM and an SSD and the task manager says that nothing is been stressed - CPU never raises above 12%
AbhinavAbhinav (Salesforce Developers) 
Check this:



thanks for the quick response Abhinav, but my problem isn't on the user side.
I am making heavy use of the accordian component, so the page loads nice and fast for the users.
But when I come to make changes to the page, it is extremely slow - as in six seconds to respond to a click when updating a filter.