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Hemant ChandHemant Chand 

Creation Salesforce Site process

Hello Team, 
I want to create a site where first screen will be login. Once user login, he can see some stuff . This stuff can be user specific who logs in to the website. Once user login, there will be some text boxes and filter criteria. User can type something and select any filter criteria and click on the "Search" button and results will be shown there.  This is the basic logic.
I have below questions:
1. Can I create a site to achieve similar requirement in Salesforce?
2. Which Salesforce license should I buy for this?
Could anyone please help me?
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Hemant,

Yes you can acheive your requirement using salesforce site,  The record and field visibility would be again depend on what kind of access you provide for community users.  Check more details on Planning and Implementing a Site.com Website below.


You can try using  Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions in salesforce.

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Hemant ChandHemant Chand
Thanks Vinay for the quick response.

I would prefer to create a dummy site in developer edition first before purchasing the liceses.

I have gone through with the link which says, we can use the SiteRegister Visualfprce page for regiserting the user and SiteLogin visualforce page to login.  But when I  try to register, it shown me below error.
                   User-added image

It looks like, we can't create the customer portal users in the dev org.
This is my Site setting.

                                  User-added image

Goal- I want to know the way of Login in the Salesforce Site. I don't want to purchase the salesforce licenses for login purpose. I am planing to buy one Salesforce licence for the admin.

Thanks for the Help.
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