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Roy SouravRoy Sourav 

Embedded Service Chat component not visible on Experience builder for Build your own(LWR) template.

Hi All, 

I am using an experince cloud site with LWR template. In the site I wish to provide chat option to my customers leveraging Einstien chatbot. I have already created the bot and configured the Embedded services deployment settings. 

Now, I want to use the Embedded service chat component available OOTB on the experince cloud builder. But in LWR template I cannot see the "Embedded service chat" component. 

I skimmed through the documentation of LWR and Embedded Service but couldn't find a limitation. 

Can someone please help if I am missing on something or if there is a workaround to this?

Below is the screenshot from my LWR site builder.

User-added image

SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Roy,
Embedded chat does not support Lightning Web Runtime(LWR) sites.LWR sites, by design, will not serve Aura applications; Embedded chat is an Aura Application.

This however is not documented here:Embedded Chat Limitations

I see a bug(#W-9877380) logged internally to prevent the selection of a LWR site endpoint in Embedded Service Deployment configuration

Related: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.snapins_create_deployment.htm&type=5

The workaround is to create another Experience Cloud Site or Salesforce site (force.com ) that is not LWR template in your salesforce org and then select that as your Site endpoint.

If this information helps, please mark the answer as best. Thank you

Thank you
Swetha Maddali
Salesforce.com Support
Roy SouravRoy Sourav

Thanks Swetha for the quick reply. Aprreciate it.

My main intention behind using LWR template was to enchance the performance of my community. Is there a workaround to add the chatbot to my LWR site instead of using another template ?

Also I dont find any visualforce page option on the  LWR builder whereas its available for other templates ? Is that something Salesofrce support will enable ?

Also, suggest if you have other alternatives.

Sourav Roy

Craig Johnson 29Craig Johnson 29
I would recommend talking with your account team about Messaging for In-App and Web (https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?language=en_US&id=sf.miaw_intro_landing.htm&type=5). It is a modern messaging experience supporting enhanced bots, read receipts, rich messages and more.

This is the path forward that is supported in LWR. Customers should talk to their account team about adding the ‘Messaging for In-App and Web SKU’ and then create a 'Web Embedded Service Deployment'.
Suresh Sahu 9Suresh Sahu 9
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