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Dinesh KhandelwalDinesh Khandelwal 

OpenId connect Auth provider response

Hi All, I have setup an open Id auth provider and trying to establish SSO for community user. All configurations done at salesforce and Auth Provider. 
User-added imageI enabled login using Dispatcher (my OpenId auth provider). my auth provider login page sends back this error - No_Oauth_Token: Access token was not returned . I am trying to find the full response but not sure where it will be captured. There seems to be no way to find the logs or full response. 

Auth provider team tested their configuration through some client and seems like they are sending the proper JSON response with access token. Not sure what exactly is wrong. 
Carly MandelCarly Mandel
Im no expert but just did a project around OpenId connect and authentication, is it possible your configuration is expecting a Refresh Token? Its possible you need to allow for refreshes in your confituration. 
Dinesh KhandelwalDinesh Khandelwal
Hi @Carly Thanks a lot for response! I don’t see any refresh token related setting in my Auth Provider setup. Do you know where should I set this ?
Cool I didn't know you could add the parameter like that in the "Authorize Endpoint URL". That solved my "missing nonce" issue.
Maybe because your User Info Endpoint URL is empty?