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Deployment error 'No such standard button to exclude IsotopeSubscription'

Using service, I get following error when trying to deploy a few custom and standard object changes:

'No such standard button to exclude IsotopeSubscription'

What / where is 'IsotopeSubscription' standard button? 
Sai PraveenSai Praveen (Salesforce Developers) 

I hope this is not Standard button from salesforce. There may be some managed package. 

Can you check the similar question which is answered in Stack Exchange.

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Bibhuti Kumari 15Bibhuti Kumari 15
Please make sure you have included that button while doing the deployment!!
If I would know which button it is, I would gladly includse it. It is a sudden error that never popped up before. There is no managed package I'm aware of. If there is, it is certainly not part of the package.xml defning the elements to be updated. 
I'm closing in on the issue...the object file causing the issue has following line failing.


List of selected standard buttons...

By the looks of things IsotopeSubscription  refers to the New From Document option (the only option the has no match).

Buah...will see what happens if I deselect.

Nope. IsotopeSubscription has nothing to do with any of these options. I'm at a loss, where is this IsotopeSubscription coming from?

dha dhuiodha dhuio
I'm trying the similar loop scirpt for my initial blog ( which is hosted on WordPress. Can you show the demo work on it?
Ken SKen S

I am facing a similar error using GearSet to try to push page layout changes between Sandbox and Prod:

Failure   Contact   CustomObject   No such standard button to exclude IsotopeSubscription (line:2064)
Failure   Account   CustomObject   No such standard button to exclude IsotopeSubscription (line:473)

The problem is, it doesn't tell you what "standard button" it's talking about (I haven't even changed any buttons), but I suspect it's something Salesforce changed in the API and these vendors aren't keeping their code up to date to either add/remove the unnecessary "<excludedStandardButtons>IsotopeSubscription</excludedStandardButtons>" from the XML.

What's strange, though, is that I can't find this line in either source or destination when searching my code (even using VS Code).

Can anyone else provide more insight or anyone who has figured out what this is all about?

Eric Kintzer 10Eric Kintzer 10
I've reached out to Gearset Support on this issue as I've seen this myself. If using a VCS, you can manually edit your branch to remove the XML line
Leonard WhiteLeonard White

The 'IsotopeSubscription' standard button referenced in the deployment error message is not a recognized standard button in Salesforce. It seems to be a custom button or component specific to your Salesforce instance or customization like on this blog . You may need to review your customizations or consult the service for further assistance in resolving this error.