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Mark Vermaat 10Mark Vermaat 10 

LWC PreChat Field Input Type issue

Hey All, 
I am currently building out a LWC PreChat form for our business.  Everything is working except when I iterate through the fields, they all show as text input which is ok for 99% of it, but we have one that is a picklist.
I am utilizing the lightningsnapin-base-prechat and following the sample from the Component Reference here: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/bundle/lightningsnapin-base-prechat/documentation
However, our issue is that during the rendering of the component, it shows all as text inputs, as that is what is set via the for:each iteration loop. 
What my question is, is there a way to capture the drop down as a combobox in the iteration?  I have been trying everthing I know, from even rebuilding the form to not be filled via iteration and to maually build all the input fields, however, that doesnt reneder correctly so probably not the best idea. :)
Just wondering if anyone else had played around with this or has any ideas on how to make it work. 
Thanks in advance.
Check this: https://www.infallibletechie.com/2022/02/combobox-or-drop-down-in-salesforce.html