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Lukasz PiziakLukasz Piziak 

Text formula field help required

Hi All, we have the following fields:
Line_1 (picklist type) and Field Line_1_A (text type)
Line_2 (picklist type) and Field Line_2_A (text type)
Line_3 (picklist type) and Field Line_3_A (text type)
Line_4 (picklist type) and Field Line_4_A (text type)

Values for these fields look like:
Line 1: SN:          Line 1: TIA0528
Line 2 TAG No:   Line 2: 11-FH
Line 3 N/A           Line 3: N/A
Line 4 N/A           Line 4: N/A

We are looking for a formula with the following result:
SN: TIA0528
TAG No: 11-FH

Rule is that Line 1 picklist value and Line Text value should be combined together 
, if there is second line it should belisted under as per sample above.
Field values should not ba taken for concideration when picklist value = N/A

Many thanks for formatting this formula.
Hii Lucas
Try Below Formula
IF (ISPICKVAL(Line_1__c , "TIA0528"),'SN:'+TEXT(Line_1__c)+' ',null) &
IF (ISPICKVAL(Line_2__c , "11-FH"),'TAG No:'+TEXT(Line_2__c)+' ',null)
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Thank You!
Lukasz PiziakLukasz Piziak
Data looks like this

User-added image

We would like to have formula resulting this way:
SN:                      TIA0528
TAG No:              11-FH-1661-01
SKID/VESSEL:   11-CS-166-101
DOM:                  18.02.2022
WP:                     2 Bar

Lines with "N/A" should not be listed

Line 1 on the left  and Line 1 on the right are FORMULA types
Lines 2 to 8 on the left are Picklists and Lines 2 to 8 on right are TEXT fields

Many thanks for help