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Alex CormierAlex Cormier 

Track minutes spent in specific status


I'm trying to set up a field that will track the minutes that a case's status is "in progress". I've read about and tried a lot of methods online but most were built using workflow rules or other features that are no longer supported or no longer work the same way. I'm trying to use flow builder to achieve this but I'm still learning and have begun to spin my wheels.

I just need a field to count the hours a case's status is set to "in progress" and to not count hours in any other status.That way we can track total time a case has been worked on. Our cases bounce between status' frequently. Often being closed or resolved and being opened again multiple times.

Thank you.
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Alex,

Check below examples to track status of case status.

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Naresh Kaneriya 9Naresh Kaneriya 9

Hi Alex Cormier,

you can follow these steps to achieve the requirement of tracking the minutes a case's status is set to "In Progress" :

1. Create a custom field on the Case object to store the total minutes spent in the "In Progress" status. Let's call this field "Minutes_In_Progress__c".

3. Create a New record trigger Flow on Case -

  • Criteria to trigger the flow when the Case status changes to "In Progress.", you can set this is in Entry condition in flow.
  • Add Assignment Element (Increment Timer):
    Drag and drop the "Assignment" element onto the canvas.
    Assign the value of 1 to a variable that represents the time interval (in minutes) you want to add to the "Minutes_In_Progress__c" field. Let's call this variable "TimeInterval".
  • Connect the assignment element to the next steps.
    Add Assignment Element (Calculate Total Time):
    Drag and drop another "Assignment" element onto the canvas.
    Assign the formula: Case.Minutes_In_Progress__c + {!TimeInterval} to the "Minutes_In_Progress__c" field.

Please give it a try and inform me if your issue has been resolved. 

Thanks, Naresh 




Alex CormierAlex Cormier
Hi Naresh,

Thanks for the response. I have two questions; what type of field should the "Minutes_In_Progress__c" custom field be? And when assigning the formula to the "Minutes_In_Progress__c" field it tells me I can't reference a field within itself. Is there a specific way I should be assigning the formula to the field?

Thank you.
Alex CormierAlex Cormier
Hi Vinay,

Thanks for the links. Both of those links seem to refer to old features such as Process Builder and the old Flows. I'm unable to use either of those as they direct me to the new Flow Builder, and I'm not quite familiar enough with Flow Builder to translate the instructions between the old and new methods. I have tried a few times now to create something similar to the first link in Flow Builder on my own but I haven't been able to make it work correctly.