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Giddamreddi ReddyGiddamreddi Reddy 

Delete profile

how to change/delete profile in sfdc
Shephali SwarnkarShephali Swarnkar
   Follow this navigation setup->manage user->profile(select the profile which u have created and just beside/on Top that u will get option (Delete/Edit).

rashi krishanrashi krishan
Go to Setup->Manage Users->Profiles->Select the profile you want to delete or edit, when you clickon delete beside the profile you want to delete ,a pop up arises->click ok. Profile is deleted.
Follow the above steps and click the edit beside the profile chosen and edit the  profile.Profile is edited.

Rakesh KumarrRakesh Kumarr
plz follow this :-

Go to Setup->Manage Users->Profiles->Select the profile you want to delete or edit
Ulas KutukUlas Kutuk
Giddamreddi Reddy, you can only delete custom profiles.  Setup->Manage Users->Profiles->Select
For changing profile you have to go to user record and click on edit and select the new profile that you want to set. Save it.

For deleting profile, (you can only delete custom profiles) go to setup --> Profiles --> List of profiles.
On list view you will find the first column as Action, from where you can delete the profile. 
Please note there should be no users present in system who are assigned to profile that you want to delete.

After removing all users from a custom profile and find you can't delete it because it's being used in a Community.

To remove that profile from Communities, go to setup --> customize --> communities -->all communities --> choose "manage" next to the community you believe the profile is linked to.  Then go to --> administration --> members.  Move the no longer used profiles from "selected" box  back to "available".  Save.  Then you'll be able to delete the custom profile.

Hope this helps!

You cannot detete a profile unless there is a user assigned to is. You have to check that all users are removed from the profile first. Assuming you are in Developer edition and learning SF in Lightning Experience follow the steps
Go to Setup->Home-Administration->Users and search for the user who has the profile which you want to delete. I am attaching a screenshot hope it helps.
 Editing User from Administration page

You will see which user is assigned with which profile. Edit the user and change the profile from the drop down list and Save it
Then go back to Profiles from the left navigation search for the Profile you want to Edit/Cone or Delete. Assuming your case is Delete just hit the Delete link and the profile is deleted.

I hope it helps! As I am also learning SF hence I share what I encounter. 
Best Wishes
Harmeet Virdee 5Harmeet Virdee 5
I'd like to know how to validate that I did not impact areas within Salesforce negatively when deleting a profile.