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Shobha JamesShobha James 

starting a job in Salesforce

I am a graduate in Master of Computer Application(MCA)2003 pass out,havn't worked yet .Planning to start my career  in Salesforce .Started to learn SF(Developer Beginner).I woud like to get a certification in SF.Could someone guide me on this,like,which is the job oriented certification in SalesForce ,salesforce related job oppertunities  etc...
aneelu vaddadianeelu vaddadi
Hi Sobha, I would like to help you.please email me ur contact or email address neelima.salesforce@gmail.com 
Hey Shobha,
for starting a career in salesforce you can give exam for 401 ....and there r so many workbook and cookbook available for apex and vf and basci of salesforce also there r so many videos available on youtube that will help you...
Thank YOU