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sonali  vermasonali verma 

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​Hi all
I have 2 departments. hr_dept and finance_dept. User_A from hr_dept wants to share records to user_B   of finance dept.
How to do this?

I know in profiles for hr_dept object should have VIEW all permission.​ so user_A belonging to hr_dept object can share records.
Pls correct my understanding if wrong and if I am missing anything concrete pls do let me know

sonali verma​
Hi Sonali,

 Please go to Setup -> Security Controls -> Sharing Settings -> Go to the required object.
 Create a sharing rule.
 Sharing Rule can be created based on record owner / criteria.
 Create the rule and share the records.

Thanks !
sharathchandra thukkanisharathchandra thukkani
You Can do this by manual sharing if you want only some records to share with particular user.

You can also do this by sharing rules but there you can select roles/queues/groups this will be bunch of users

hope you got it if not you can always refer the salesforce docs.
sonali  vermasonali verma
Hi krishna & sharath

please get my understanding straight.

​Scenario 1: Assume user_a of hr_dept object wants to share all records.

so In profiles , for hr_dept​​ object , give ModifyAll permissions , so users can share records regardless of OWD settings.

​Scenario 2: Assume user_a wants to share only few records.

OWD of hr_dept object = Private  (can it be public readonly??)
create sharing rule on hr_dept object , select the role / users.
finally check the box Manual sharing.
Is my understanding for both scenarios right or am I missing something?


Hi Sonali,
 Thanks for the details.

Scenario 1: 
 Yes, if u enable access for user_a in profile to "Modify All" . user_a can share all the records.
 It doesnot comply with OWD (Private / Public read only/ ....)

Scenario 2:
 OWD of hr_dept object = Private, user_a can share the records and make it public read only or public read / write
 Yes, OWD of hr_dept object can be public read only also ... then user_a can make it public read / write
 OWD of hr_dept object can be public read / write also... then user_a can make it public read / write / transfer

Please check.