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sonali  vermasonali verma 

example on soap api

Pls provide a basic example to start with soap api.
actually I need to execute it on my terminal & see the result.
I am not familiar with web services but yes I will brush up ​​​on that.
I request the people to be elaborate while replying.
a) In what type of scenario we use soap api
b) advantages and disadvantages of soap api compared to other api's.
c) what errors occur when we use soap api and how to resolve

sonali verma
Hi Sonali,

SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol – is probably the better known of the two models.

SOAP relies heavily on XML, and together with schemas, defines a very strongly typed messaging framework. Every operation the service provides is explicitly defined, along with the XML structure of the request and response for that operation. Each input parameter is similarly defined and bound to a type: for example an integer, a string, or some other complex object. 

All of this is codified in the WSDL – Web Service Description (or Definition, in later versions) Language. The WSDL is often explained as a contract between the provider and the consumer of the service. In programming terms the WSDL can be thought of as a method signature for the web service.


REST – REpresentational State Transfer – is quickly becoming the preferred design model for public APIs. Some interesting statistics regarding the growth of REST in the public sphere are available at, for example, the Programmable Web.

REST is an architectural style, unlike SOAP which is a standardized protocol. REST makes use of existing and widely adopted technologies, specifically HTTP, and does not create any new standards. It can structure data into XML, YAML, or any other machine readable format, but usually JSON – JavaScript Object Notation – is preferred. As can be expected from JavaScript, the objects are not strongly typed. REST follows the object oriented programming paradigm of noun-verb. REST is very data-driven, compared to SOAP, which is strongly function-driven. In the REST paradigm, metadata is structured hierarchically and represented in the URI; this takes the place of the noun. The HTTP standard offers several verbs representing operations or actions you can perform on the data, most commonly: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.


Simple Object Access Protocol
It is based on standard XML format
It works with WSDL
Works over with HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, XMPP

Representational State Transfer
It is based on URI
It works with GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
Works over with HTTP and HTTPS

Please let us know if this will help. Please mark this as solution if this will help you so that if some one has same issue this post can help

Krishnakumar R
sonali  vermasonali verma
Hi krishna
I am also looking for​ an basic example.

that will be hepful.

farukh sk hdfarukh sk hd
For SOAP integration this will definitely help you,

Here Soap integration is performed by taking example of two salesforce system.