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Jayashree Prakash KumarJayashree Prakash Kumar 

Company logo not getting displayed in visualforce email templates

I am trying to create visualforce templates and my templates have my company logo on it. This logo does not get displayerd when I email it to my gmail account to test it but it works when I send it to a hotmail or yahoomail accounts. I guess, it is to do with Gmail browser restricting my image. Also, my logo is saved in Salesforce documents tab. Could anyone please help me resolve this issue?

Always ThinkinAlways Thinkin
Is the document saved with the Externally Available Image setting checked? Seems like it must be if you're seeing it in hotmail and yahoo but it is the first thing to check when issues like this occur.
Jayashree prakash-kumarJayashree prakash-kumar
I tested my template by checking and unchecking the Externally Available Image setting but in both the cases the logo is not getting displayed.