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Divya Gupta 11Divya Gupta 11 

Click on a row


I have records with column header Name, Date and Payment under pageblocktable section. I've another pageblocktable section below the former. Now what I need is when I click the row I can fetch the details of the that row, like values of name,date,etc. In the long run, that another page table will be use ro show records of the related list related to that record. But right now my concern is how to revtrieve values. Please help, it's an urgent case on which I'm working right now.
Hi Divya,

Apply onclick event on column header, which calls action Function. Pass one parameter which is unique for each column header and you will get this parameter in apex controller. Now, you come to know which field is clicked. Query that field accrodingly.

Let me know in case of any question.