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Christopher WeisChristopher Weis 

How long to complete all of the Trails?


I'm looking to make a career change out of Mortgage Banking and have been told time and again that "coding" is the way to go.  So I started researching what sorts of coding I should be learning as a beginner-  Part of my research was to reach out to some of my contacts in Mortgage Banking to see what sorts of languages I should be learning if I want to get a developer job in the mortgage industry.  One contact suggested I complete these Salesforce Trailheads instead of learning HTML/CSS, etc.  So, I started the Trailheads, completing the Admin Beginner and Intermediate Trails fairly easily.  Next I started the Developer Beginner Trail and, of course, have been confronted with Apex, which I know nothing about.  A few additional searches later and I found out that I should learn Javascript before learning Apex.  I'm not sure how long Javascript would take to learn, but it seems like Apex is another several months on top of it.

The whole purpose of starting the Salesforce Trailhead was to learn a new skill in a reasonable amount of time so I can get out of my industry, hopefully within 6 months. Now I'm confronted with need to learn multiple new web languages and additional months of training for something that may not yield a new career anyways.

I'm wondering if anybody has completed all of the Trailheads as a beginner (no previous coding experience) and how long it took. If I have to learn multiple web languages before being able to complete the Trailheads, then I have to decide whether to cut my losses and try something else or what other languages I should try to learn and how.  I'm also wondering if anybody completing these trails is a noob like me or if Trailheads is geared towards people that are already Salesforce Admins/Developers and I've wasted a bunch of time on this.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
Chris LudoviceChris Ludovice
Also having a hard time to complete the trail. I was able to complete the topics and created the app for the 500th challenge.
You don't need to learn JavaScript before learning Apex. JavaScript is used on the front end of the browser, while Apex runs on Salesforce servers. The syntax is quite different. Some people say you should learn Java before Apex, but I don't think that is necessary. The Apex modules jump pretty fast into code. You might be better off using some of the blogs out there such as http://www.sfdc99.com/beginner-tutorials/ or http://womencodeheroes.com/category/cooking-with-code/. Good luck!
Christopher WeisChristopher Weis
Thank you @ daniel_h