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Christopher WeisChristopher Weis 

Cannot change stage to prospecting

I'm working on "Creating a Sales Process and Using Opportunities" Challenge:

You've met with your newest account and have identified a new opportunity. Create a new opportunity and add yourself to the opportunity team. You will need to have Opportunity Teams enabled and added to the Opportunity page layout in order to complete this challenge.Create an opportunity with the Opportunity Name = '500 units', Stage = Prospecting, with any Amount and any Close Date in the future. Pick any value for the Account Name.
Add yourself to the opportunity team for the '500 units' opportunity with the Team Role of 'Sales Rep'

My problem is that I can't change the Stage value to "Prospecting."  It doesn't exist as an option.  "Prospecting" is still available as an Opportunity Stage Picklist Value, but it won't show when I create a new opportunity.  What am I doing wrong?
Christopher WeisChristopher Weis
Was able to change the name of another opportunity that would allow me to input "prospecting"and it worked.  Still not sure why I couldn't add it.