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Sucharita NandanSucharita Nandan 

Use Lightning Connect to create External Objects to track phone plans

  • Create an OData 2.0 External Data Source named 'Mobile Devices' using the following URL:
  • Use the 'AtomPub' format and the 'Anonymous' Identity Type for the 'Mobile Devices' External Data Source.
  • The 'Mobile Devices' data source must validate and sync the 'phone_plans' table to result in an external object with the API name 'Phone_Plan__x'.
  • The 'Mobile Devices' data source must validate and sync the 'phones' table to result in an external object with the API name 'Phone__x'.
  • Note that you will need to adjust the Object Names for the two external objects from the default setting after the initial sync.
User-added image

all the thing have been done but i am getting following errorwhile checking challenge.

User-added image
Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
Everything looks OK now - I just went through this and did not see the error.  Let us know if it recurs.
James LoghryJames Loghry
1) Try validating and syncing the external data sources again.
2) Make sure you complete that last bullet point.

If neither of those work and you still can't validate your challenge, perhaps try spinning up a new developer org and retrying the lightning connect challenge.
Lindsay Casale 8Lindsay Casale 8
The same exact thing is happening to me. I have a feeling I'm not completing the last bullet point. 
Can someone share a step by step and/or screen shots? Thanks! 
George WaskeyGeorge Waskey
I was having the same problem.  But after I created the tabs for the phone plan and phone, and checked the challenge, I passed.
naga chennamsettynaga chennamsetty
George Waskey
I created the tabs for the phone plan and phone.But,it shows error
Yasmina MoslehiYasmina Moslehi
Hey naga chennamsetty,

I am not sure which error you are getting but mine kept saying API name not found.  I realised I had to change the Object name.

In the Trailhead challenge it says : Note that you will need to adjust the Object Names for the two external objects from the default setting after the initial sync and specifies that API name should be:  'Phone_Plan__x'       and      'Phone__x'

So i after creating the Tab I changed the Object name to Phone Plan and Phone for the resulting API to be as the challenge indicates and that worked for me!

Good luck :)

Meekle MatterMeekle Matter
Was receiving error but got it finally!
   What I had been doing was creating the connection and then syncing.  I then would go into the external objects and change the API names to the appropriate 'phone_plan__x' and 'phone__x' which were originally set to 'phone_plans__x' and 'phones__x'.
   Nothing seemed to work for me.
  I started from scratch.
1.  Create the Mobile Devices data source.
2.  Sync and pull in the phone plans and phones
3.  Go to Tabs and create 2 tabs for phone plans and phones.
4.  Now click on the tab in setup and then click on the object it is referencing and change the API to the correct one 'phone plan' instead of 'phone plans' etc.

*5 now check the challenge and you should have passed.  (this also gives you practice on everything int he unit.)
naga chennamsettynaga chennamsetty
Yasmina Moslehi

your explanation is helpful to me.thank you so much
i am also getting same error.
can anyone help on this.
User-added image

i also created the tab but i am not able to view data.
User-added image

when i click on first record i am getting below error.
"External Object Error
This data is no longer available. The record with external ID "MDAwMDEyMzQ0Mg==" is currently unavailable in the external system. Try again later or contact your administrator for help. 

Please help.
hina manzurhina manzur
I get this error when i change my Object name to 'Phone_Plan__x'. or 'Phone__x'. anyone who got similar issue? If its not accepting 2 underscores why its being asked in the Trail
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Hi Guys,  I was stuck with the same errors and came up with the solution.  You have to edit the External Objects to reflect the new API name, but you have to make certain that the table name stays the same.  This is what I did with phone plans:

User-added image

Pin-yu KuoPin-yu Kuo
I am facing a different issue. It seems that SFDC has modified the challenge. 
User-added image
It says that I didn't create the External Data Source correctly. But I did everything.

User-added image
User-added image

User-added image
User-added image
juan ducuarajuan ducuara
I have solved the problem changing Phone to Phones and Phone_Plan to Phone_ plans in  External Connection Detail, this worked for me, thanks
juan ducuarajuan ducuara
The change is in the Table Name

User-added image
Gurmeet ChauhanGurmeet Chauhan
Trialhead Challenge : Use Salesforce Connect to create external objects to track phone plans.

If you are Getting this type of error in this challenge , 

User-added image
So , You just have to change the Object name & API name of the Phone Plans  to Phone Plan . Just only remove Plans spelling to Plan. & don't change the table name .
& feel Good after earning 500 points .
Change the API name & Label like this , just change PLAN spelling (remove "s" )
Beatriz Cidoncha CerratoBeatriz Cidoncha Cerrato
The challenge says:
- Make sure that you don’t change the Table Name field in either external object.
You must change the name to as it was originally. That is:
- phone
- phone_plan
*pay attention to handicapped letters
Alberto CataniaAlberto Catania
Hello everyone, I'm having the same issue.
I have tried in all the possible way to fix it but I cannot find the solution on this exercise. This is the answer that is giving to me when I push the green botton. 

Challenge not yet complete in My Trailhead Playground 1
There was an unexpected error in your org which is preventing this assessment check from completing: System.ExternalObjectException: An error occurred while connecting to the external system. Please try again, or contact your administrator. Attempted to reach this URL:$top=1&$inlinecount=allpages&$select=Id. Error received from the external system: 503: Application Error
Osama Khan 40Osama Khan 40

Hi all,

When I try to perform this challenge I get this error while creating n external source

"Your organization has exceeded the maximum number of external data sources of this type. Purchase another Salesforce Connect add-on, or delete an external data source of one of the following types: Salesforce Connect: OData 2.0, Salesforce Connect: OData 4.0, Salesforce Connect: Custom"

Does anyone know the workaround to this or have any solution?