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Priyadarshi NayakPriyadarshi Nayak 

Assign Permission Set to user

Hi All

I navigated as below, but could not find "Edit Assignments" option.

1. In the Setup area, click Manage Users > Users.
2. Click Manager, Sales to go to this user's detail page.
3. click Permission Set Assignments link at top

Would you please provide pointer how can I assign permision set to user?

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NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Priyadarshi,

The Permission Set Assignments page shows permission sets with no associated license and permission sets that match the user's license. For example, if a user's license is Chatter Only, you can assign permission sets with the Chatter Only license and permission sets with no associated license to that user. 

If you assign a permission set with no associated user license, all of its enabled settings and permissions must be allowed by the user’s license, or the assignment will fail.

Some permissions require users to have permission set licenses before the user can have those permissions. For example, if you add the “Use Identity Connect” permission to the “Identity” permission set, only users with the Identity Connect permission set license can be assigned the “Identity” permission set.

Please see the link below for more info


Best Regards
Naga Kiran