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Swathi CseSwathi Cse 

MD5 alogorithm

Wil u help me what is MD5 alogorithm how it is implimented in salesforce why we have to go for that algorithm...
MD5 alogorithm is one of the crypto standard to encrypted the data and store in salesforce. The Apex Crypto class provides a number of cryptographic functions for creating digests, message authentication codes, and signatures, as well as functions for encrypting and decrypting information. These functions allow you to protect the confidentiality of data as well as allow external systems to verify the integrity of messages and authenticity of the sender. For more details check this link 

In addition to the point , Salesforce support the HMAC-MD5 algorithm that is more robust and secure than MD5.
As MD5 is easier to crack online.
HMAC-MD5  are less susceptible to the collision.
HMAC makes it more difficult to crack the MD5 using rainbow table.