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Help with Process builder that calls a flow?

Hi everyone; I have spent a few hours banging my head into the wall, hoping someone out there has some insight...

My basic architecture:  I made a new custom object called "Account Entity"  I made a lookup field on the Account object to link to the Account-Entity__c object.  my process builder attempts to do the following:  When a new account is created: if that new  account does not have a parent account, OR if the new account has a parent account that does not have a related Entity, AND the account has record type name = Library, AND the account has location (custom formula field) = US,  THEN, auto launch a flow that creates a new entity record, and updates the account to link to this new entity record.
When I create a new account with record type name = library AND location = US, it works perfect. (regardless of having parent account)
If I create a new account with record type name <> library, but has a parent account, it works as expected (no entity created)
If I create an account that does not have record type = library and has no parent, OR
If I create an account that has record type name = library, but location <> US,
I get this message:
Workflow Action Failed to Trigger Flow
The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 301560000008XgL. Contact your administrator for help. 

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In my email (as the admin), I get more details:
“An error occurred at element myDecision (FlowDecision).
The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_current.Parent.Account_Entity__c because it hasn't been set or assigned.”

Where I am confused… in these scenarios, my critera should evaluate to false and the flow should not even be called?  Is this something as simple as my conditional logic is wrong?   thanks all

Process builder screenshot
Shashi PatowaryShashi Patowary
Hi Aaron,

Did you check this link -

In your criteria, you are checking 'Account parent Is Null True'. Does it need to be the reverse way -
Account parent Is Null False. Just give it a try and please let us know.

Shashi- thank you!  I think that link explains things.

What I currently have is (1 or 2)
1. Account.Parentid  isnull = True
2.  Account.Parent.AccountEntity isnull = True

Based on what that article says, I need to change it to be:

1 or (2 and 3)
1. Account.Parentid  isnull = True
2. Account.Parentid  isnull = False
3. Account.Parent.AccountEntity isnull = True

I am going to test this out now, but I am optomistic!
alas, still no luck....  it seems like, when my decision points evaluate to true, I have no problem.  The error occurrs when I create an account that would cause those decision points to evaluate to false... do i need to do something explicit to end my process?  I basically want my process to be:  if new account created with record type of x, do something.  If new account created that has other record type, do nothing... but that's what is so confusing, it is the accounts that I expect to "do nothing" that give me the error.  the process works fine when i create accounts with record type of x that make those decision points evaluate to true...