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Venkat Reddy 45Venkat Reddy 45 

How to implement reminder alerts in vf page?

Dear Experts,

          I want to know, How to implement reminder alerts in vf page? Please explain me in detail, if possible with code.

Pranav ChitransPranav Chitrans
Hey Venkat Reddy,
What type of Reminder You want to put in vf... You can schedule your reminder Using scheduler class or batch class... I hope you are aware of batch and scheduler in salesorce.

Pranav ChitransPranav Chitrans
<apex:page controller="testtask">
<apex:form >
<apex:commandButton value="Create Task" action="{!createTask}"/>

public class testtask {

public PageReference createTask() {

Task newTask = new Task(Description = 'Survey Transaction111',
Priority = 'Normal',
Status = 'Inbound Email',
Subject = 'Other',
IsReminderSet = true,
ReminderDateTime =,
WhoId = 'UserIdHere'
insert newTask
return null;


Do u want something like this??? And more thing... put your Id instead of userId in WhoId...
Venkat Reddy 45Venkat Reddy 45
Reminders is a popup window provided by salesforce which popups when certain time is met, this reminders don't work if you are in view area(visualforce pages). So I want to implement my own reminder logic
Pranav ChitransPranav Chitrans
Did you tried remainder?? Is there any issue you faced
Venkat Reddy 45Venkat Reddy 45
Thanks for your quick reply "Pranav Chitrans"
Pranav ChitransPranav Chitrans
Did you tried using java script?? you can do it very easily if you want to show alert...and other notifiaction in any corner of the page... with your custom css..
Venkat Reddy 45Venkat Reddy 45
Thanks for your inputs "Pranav Chitrans". I will get in touch with you when I actually start working on this requirement.
Pranav ChitransPranav Chitrans
Just call the method in command button on onclick event..

function method()
 alert("your message here!");

 you can also use window .document.onload

window.document.onload = new function(e) { if({!Contact.Some_Checkbox__c}) { alert("Checkbox is True"); } else { alert("Checkbox is False"); } } </script>