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can we use Apex class logic for generating report

I have a requirement as below:
I need to generate a report which shows::: List of sales users with no activity OR no Opportunity update in last 7 days 

I have an apex class with the above functionality...

Is there any way that I can use this Apex class to generate the report..??
karunakarreddy bade 8karunakarreddy bade 8
Hi Laxman,

There is no object of report in Apex.
you will have to create a VF page, format like report and there you will have to write your logic.

currently sales force does not provide any API to write report in Apex.

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Hi Karunakar,

I have one more requirement:
Probability bucket-wise revenue projection for the Q (90%-100%, 80%-90%, 70%-80%, etc.)

Any ideas of how to do this.??