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Vivekh RajVivekh Raj 

OutputText value not working in Visualforce Component

I want to call a custom setting values in my VF component. i tried calling in VF page it is working fine but when i tried to call in VF component it is not fetching the values. Whether I have to use any other special tags for calling custom settings in VF component?
i am using <apex:Outputtext value = "{!stringsList1}"/> to call in my VF page.

You'll need to post some markup - it sounds like you aren't passing the custom setting to the component correctly.
Vivekh RajVivekh Raj
Bob, Do i need to add any tags before outputtext?
You shouldn't. However, 'stringsList1' isn't a custom setting reference, so you need to show us how you are getting that - i.e. is it an attribute that is passed to the component from a page?