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Talha AliTalha Ali 

Good Dynamics with Salesforce Mobile SDK for Android

I recently read an article saying that Good Dynamics was being integrated with the Salesforce mobile SDK and I cannot find the SDK anywhere. I've been looking for days with no progress. Does anyone know where I can get this SDK, specifically for Android? 

Here is the article I found:
Eugene Oksman 13Eugene Oksman 13
Talha, the information in that dated article is not accurate. We do not integrate our SDKs. It's possible to build an app using the Salesforce Mobile SDK, then wrap the results using Good's tools. 
Talha AliTalha Ali
Thanks Eugene. Do you have any documentation showing how that can be done? I have an app that I'm trying to wrap with Good but our security team is saying that because of Volley, which is included in the Salesforce SDK, it cannot be wrapped. 
Sriram KrishnanSriram Krishnan
Hi Talha,

I am presuming you are a customer of Good.  As you may be aware we do have Good for Salesforce1 in market today. Good for Salesforce1 is a Good Dynamics based application that has been built leveraging Salesforce1 Hybrid SDK. While our customers prefer to use Good for Salesforce1, they can also choose to build their own version of Good Dynamics application leveraging Salesforce1 and Good Dynamics SDK's. Good Dynamics SDK's are available to developers from Good Dynamics Network. Please review Good for Salesforce1 so that you can make a informed decision on whether you want to build your own Good Dynamics.  

Please check the links below:

Sriram Krishnan

Talha AliTalha Ali

I am developing my own app. So I'd have to use Good Dynamics. But I was told that Good Dynamics and Salesforce don't work well together because of the Volley library that Salesforce uses. Is there is no known issue with using both Salesforce SDK (with Volley) and Good Dynamics for the same app?