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Chatter question

We have requirment where some sales reps who do not have salesforce licence but need to know when cases are created for those accounts.
example, microsoft account sales reps need emails or updates when case is created for microsoft, cisco reps need email for their account when case is created.

How can this be accomplished. Can we use chatter plus for that? 
If there any better way?
Ruud StapelsRuud Stapels
Hi, would it be a solution to create a process with the process builder triggering an email alert?
Anuj PatelAnuj Patel
If you are just talking about updates, I think I can suggest you something with chatter.

Chatter supports Groups with Customer (Here, Customer means your sales reps without licesnces) that you can create. Add all the users in the group and they will be able to see all the updates and cases shared. Let me know if you want more details.

Thanks and Regards.

Anuj Patel
(Help to save someone's time :), so that they can go play with their kids.) 
Thanks Anuj. Sure, if you can give more details, how this can be done, will help. Which type of chatter licence do we need fore this, chatter free or chatter plus? All sales guys want is emails for cases created for their accounts, accounts which they are interested in.