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Calculate the case age in HH:MM format

Hi, I want to calcualte the difference b/w the two date/time fileds in Hours: Minutues format excluding weekend days

I have two filelds :

1. Date/Time opened : 2/11/2015
2. Accepted Date      : 8/11/2015

Here i want to create 3rd field (formula) to calculate the case age in HH:MM format 9excluding weekend days- Satday and sunday). Can you help ?

Thanks in Advanse,
This isn't something that can be easily done with a formula field (in fact it may not be possible).  If you were including weekends it would be trivial but excluding weekends makes it much more difficult.  This is something that could probably be done in Apex as a before trigger when Accepted Date is set.  You would esentially calculate the total time between the two date times.  Then iterate over all of the days in between and if it is a weekend day then remove 24hrs from your total time.