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Caching data


I have a situation here:

Client has MSNavision as their system and it is usually slow, now we would like salesforce to fetch data (Inventory, Spares, Tickets) and push it to salesforce or sometimes push to MSNavision system. We cannot rely on the MSNavision system since it can go down when salesforce needs certain critical information from people on the field.(Note: There is no scope of decomminsiong MS navision)

From an approach perspective i was thinking is there a possibility that i can cache the data from MSNavision in a tool for a 12-24hours and then retrive it to salesforce when required and then during off peak hours discard the data from the cache tool. The cache tool is something outside of salesforce that could be built/brought.

The data size stored locally/outside would be 100-150MB of records and storing on SFDC would not be an option i think.

1) Kindly let me know about any other approach
2) Suggest on tools that can be levraged on the same
3) Any kind of suggestions are welcome except closing down on MS Navision :-)
4) If any idea of timelines and costs as well

Odata also would not be an option since the database would not be exposed from client end ..