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Nathaniel SpencerNathaniel Spencer 

Data.com Clean Button

I am an admin and since the update - the data.com clean button has dissapeared and says its only supported by Salesforce Classic. 
This should change.  Does anyone have any workarouds to make the button appear on the accounts page? 

Also Merge accounts has dissapeared. 
Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
The new LEX (Lightning Experience) does not have feature parity with Salesforce Classic in a lot of areas - yet.  Stay tuned in coming releases for updated functionality.

There are no workarounds at this time.
Conrad OakeyConrad Oakey
Been a few years since this question was posed - so is it possible now to include a "clean" button on an account in Lightning?  Or is there some workaround to install a customer button?
Been wondering the same thing. Is it an attempt to force an upgrade to a higher level of data.com service?
Tony AndersonTony Anderson
Can we get an answer to the above questions?