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Jon-Luke WestJon-Luke West 

Troubleshoot Flow Error

My flow used to work perfectly fine, but now it does not; it converts a Quote to an Order.  There is one input variable, which takes the ID for the quote you wish to convert.  When performing a fast lookup the inputted variable reports as null, causing the rest of the flow to fail and error out.  This doesn't make any sense.  I have even validated that the input variable is being set correctly by displaying its value in a screen step right before performing the lookup, and it looks fine.


Has anyone else encountered this issue?

James LoghryJames Loghry
I haven't encountered the issue, but is your fast lookup assigning the fast lookup to the same input variable?  If so, sounds like more of an issue with the fast lookup.  Otherwise, as a work around, could you assign the input variable to another variable, and then see if that variable is available after the fast lookup is performed?
Jon-Luke WestJon-Luke West

I might have miscommunicated my issue.

  • Input variable QuoteID
  • Step one in the flow is to perform a fast lookup for the quote with an ID that matches {!QuoteID}
  • This step fails to find a quote because {!QuoteID} in this context seems to resolve to {null} even though it is set and...
  • To further validate that it isn't an issue with the variable not being set, I display the value of the variable in a screen right before performing the fast lookup and it displays the value of {!QuoteID} without any issues.  After the fast lookup is performed, a duplicate screen to display the value of {!QuoteID} also works; so I can confirm that the value isn't being set to null, it merely resolves to null within the context of this specific fast lookup
James LoghryJames Loghry
Did you verify that the QuoteID variable is either input only or input and output?

When you do the fast lookup, are you querying for the Quote based on the Quote Id, similar to this screen shot?

User-added image

Last, did you add the pertinent fields to the Fast Lookup?  Otherwise, nothing will come back.
Jon-Luke WestJon-Luke West

I did make sure it was set to Input and Output, and my fast lookup looks almost exactly like yours.  The flow error looks like this:


FAST LOOKUP: Get_Quote_Fields
Find all Quote records where:
Id Equals {!SourceQuoteID} (null)
Assign those records to {!oQuote}.
Save these field values in the variable: Id, ShipTo__c, SoldTo__c, Pricebook2Id, AccountId
Failed to find records.

As you can see, the step reads the variable as null rather than having a value.

Salesforce WizardSalesforce Wizard
How and from where are you launching your flow? I'm guessing a custom button on the Quote record itself?

Normally, those errors are caused by either a bad query or the launching user doesn't have access to the record, but if you're calling from a button on the record that's not the case.

when did it stop working? Did anything change in the flow between it working and not working? Can you try a different version of your flow and see if that makes a difference?
Jon-Luke WestJon-Luke West

This flow is normally accessed through a custom button, but for troubleshooting I have begun navigating to the URL directly and hard coding a specific Quote ID to be sure that there is no problems with the expansion of an object field value.  ex (


There have been no changes to this flow in the last few months.  It was working before TrailHead; now it is not.

Salesforce WizardSalesforce Wizard
What do you mean it was working before Trailhead? 

Is this a production Org? Are you using this org to complete trailhead challenges?
Jon-Luke WestJon-Luke West

I was under the impression there was a recent update to the backend of Salesforce; and that was called TrailHead.  Am I mistaken?


Yes, this is a production organization.

Salesforce WizardSalesforce Wizard
Trailhead is Salesforce new training module. It will allow you actually build things in a free developer org and get check for accuracy by trailhead. It's pretty neat. You should absolutely check it out at

This would not have impacted your flow whatsoever. There was a new release that came out for Salesforce, Winter '16. This was released between the end of September and the End of October depending upon your instance. You can find release dates at There wasn't anything in that update that should make this Flow fail on your fast lookup.

Let's try something a bit crazy. Save your flow as a new flow (not a version). Confirm your fast lookup and variables. Make sure the variable is set to input/output and note the capitalization of the variable. Make sure you don't have two variables with similar names - even if you aren't referencing one. I would also make sure you have a fault path for your fast lookup. that way when it does fault you can go to a screen with information on the variables and error message and not just get that "unhandled flow exception" message.

Next, test it. If it works, we'll chalk this up to Gremlins in your system. If it fails, and my guess is it will, then we have to look at what else changed in your org. It could be a permission issue on the record or object. It could a permission issue on the fields being referenced.

If all else fails, I think your next step is to grab screenshots of your whole flow and each element configuration and post them (individually or a link to the screenshots). Flow is notoriously difficult to debug right now and it could be that the error you're receiving isn't actually what the error is.