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Jagadeesh AdaveniJagadeesh Adaveni 

How to get QR code value into our salesforce system???

Hi All,

I have orders, were generated by users and for every product we have QR code and code will scan using scanner or mobile app, when ever we scan that QR code that value should store into salesforce system. it is very urgent please help me out.

I don't know the specific use case but here is a solution. You can tweak it to your needs

1. Store the scan result (Product code) into a text field
2. Create a formula field with following formula

Let me know if it works.
Jagadeesh AdaveniJagadeesh Adaveni
How can system recognise that bar code value??

Can you please elaborate your issue?
Jagadeesh AdaveniJagadeesh Adaveni
Sreeni Kolakan,

Here users will places the order, for example if one user palces the order, it contains 100 line items, each line item have QR code, when corporate office dispatches that line items they will scan total line items by QR code scanner or mobile, whenever they scan first item system should recognise that item and it reduces 1 and count should be 99 later again 1 item they scan and count should be 98 and so on.

"How to scan QR code with QR scanner" is really a question for QR scanning experts. I don't know specifics of it.

However here is my 2c. This coming from my experience with barcode scanners.
1. You can have text field in Salesforce to hold scanned code. For example in order line item object
2. When ever they are ready to scan line items, they can create line item record and put the cursor in the field and scan with scanner that will output the code into the text field in salesforce. (Depending on your scanner, scanner can output the code just like you type manually into a field or text pad or anywhere your cursor is)
3. Use that product code for further processing on save. For example, you can have code in the trigger to automatically deduct it from 

That is basic thought. You can build automation around that to achieve final solution. You probably need to look into java script/visualforce  route as well to automatically capture all product codes while scanning products in batches.
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