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Colette OsborneColette Osborne 

Process Builder Query

Hi All
I am using process builder to help resolve some business logic.

A job has an 'Anticipated End Date' [date field] and when that date is reached and where the job status equals 'filled' and a field called [actual date left] remains null then immediately:

1. Send an email alert to certain users
2. Send a chatter message to specific users

Lapsed time
After 1 hour based on the Anticipated End Date - change the status from 'filled' to 'leaver no paperwork'.

I have a test job where all the criteria are set but it does not seem to fire, so wondering if you can use process builder in this way?

I usually use workflows, email alerts and rules and apart from posting to chatter it would work - just wanted to try this new way.

Also after reading some help guides I can't see it scheduled (VOTE!) https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000Df9JAAS (as it does not appear in the queue, nor does it appear in flows....its proving impossible to debug.

Any ideas, tips, solutions, similar problems?

Thanks in advance

Yes, it seems like scheduled actions from Process Builder are not listed within the UI-I feel your pain on the difficulty in debugging this, though it seems like the product team is reviewing this for a future release. Perhaps you can have a poor man's version by creating a list custom setting and inserting a new record to signify that the email is scheduled with a timestamp.