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Jacob W LandisJacob W Landis 

how to attach a google drive file in chatter.

I have enabled the google drive, but I don't see the option in chatter to be able to upload a file from my google drive. any ideas?

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Neil HayekNeil Hayek
If you've gone through these steps:


You should see Google Drive listed as a filter on the left side of the Files tab.  If you see the filter, and can view your files, this will be confirmation that it is setup correctly.

Once you can see a file, one option from the Files tab is to navigate to a file, click the drop down box to the left of the file name, and choose to share as a reference.  This will create a Content Version which is private to you, and then you can share it like you would a file uploaded directly to Salesforce.

Another option, when creating a chatter feed post with a file, choose "Select from Salesforce" and then you should see the Google Drive filter on the left, similar to the Files tab.  You can navigate to a file and click 'attach', and this will create a reference and attach it to the feed post.