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Taresh PandeyTaresh Pandey 

How to delete Custom Object from a Managed - Released Package.?

Hey all,
I wanna delete custom object from a managed released package. How can I make it possible. ?
Your little help would be enough.
thank you all in advance.
Himanshu ParasharHimanshu Parashar
1. Log a case in the Partner Community (https://partners.salesforce.com/) to enable Component Deletion in your packaging organization.

Here is some points which you need to consider:

Deleting any component will permanently delete any data that exists in that component, delete tracked history data, and change any integrations that rely on the component, such as assignment or escalation rules. Also, once you delete a component in a managed package, you can’t restore it or create another component with the same name.

No data or metadata is ever deleted in a subscriber organization without specific action by the customer. Subscribers who upgrade to the new package version will still have the deleted components available in their organization. They’re displayed in the Unused Components section of the Package Details page. This ensures subscribers have the opportunity to export data and modify custom integrations involving those components, before explicitly deleting them. For example, before deleting custom objects or fields, customers can preserve a record of their data by going to Setup and clicking Data Management | Data Export.

NOTE: It’s your responsibility to educate your customers about the potential impact from any components you delete. You should list all custom components you've deleted and notify customers of any actions they need to take, in the Release Notes for your upgraded package.

Read following document to get detail information if you are referring object in any visualforce page/ apex class.


Taresh PandeyTaresh Pandey
Thank you himanshu for replying in a very short time.  
Taresh PandeyTaresh Pandey
Himanshu I tryed the solution that you have given but I'm not succeed. My question is How many time I have to build Package to solve this query.
Himanshu ParasharHimanshu Parashar
Is your app available in app exchange or installed by end users? 
Taresh PandeyTaresh Pandey
yes Himanshu, it is 
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi Taresh Pandey,

If Component is using in Package then we can not delete a Component Or Component App from the Org because it is used in Package and It can have Some Value which can affect any other place.
So We can't do this.
If It is not used anywhere then We can delete this as a Simple way.

If you find your Solution then mark this as the best answer.

Thank you!
Suraj Tripathi