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Jadden ResendizJadden Resendiz 

Trailhead Question: Creating a Workflow Rule to update a field

In some instances, a case must automatically escalate. Create a workflow rule that will set the escalated flag and send a task to the case owner if a case is not closed and its priority is set to High.

NOTE: Since Workflow rules only fire on record save, normally you would implement this with a time-triggered workflow action.

My trailhead keeps telling me I don't have a "Set to Escalated" field update created and I am pretty sure I did this right. However I had to recreate this workflow and change my unique name since I can't go back and change it. Is this stopping me from completeing the challenge? 

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Jagat ThakkarJagat Thakkar
yea. type in field update in the quick find and then you can delete your previous field and then ther unique name can be set to Set_Case_to_Escalated