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Vicky PanVicky Pan 

Workflow rule criteria formula help

Hey all,

I'm creating a workflow that I'd like to trigger when a Billing Contact is updated - not when one is added for the first time and not when it is changed to a blank text value.  I had the following formula, but it's triggering when it changes from blank to a name and I just want it to trigger when it changes from one name to another name.  Let me know if I can provide any more information, thanks!

AND(ISCHANGED(Billing_Contact__c )
Pramodh KumarPramodh Kumar
Could you post entire Rule criteria.
Vicky PanVicky Pan
Thanks for the quick reply!  Below is the entire criteria I have so far.  Added the is blank = false to try to avoid the rule triggering if the value is changed to a blank value.  Basically, an account record of ours can be created with a blank billing contact.  I don't want the rule to trigger when a billing contact name is added to the record, I want it to trigger only if there is an existing name that is updated to another name.

AND(ISCHANGED(Billing_Contact__c ),ISBLANK(Billing_Contact__c)=FALSE)
Use this 
OR(ISCHANGED(Billing_Contact__c ),ISBLANK(Billing_Contact__c))
Or you can user this 

Hope this will work for you
Vicky PanVicky Pan
Hi Gaurav,

I've tried these and it seems to be triggering anytime someone makes an update to the account record in general or if a new account record is created, not just if the Billing Contact field is updated.  I'd like it to trigger when an account record that has a Billing Contact value changes from one name to another name - not if an account record is created with a blank Billing Contact and also not if a blank Billing Contact is then changed to a name, only if an existing name is updated to another name.  Is there a way to narrow it down to that?
Try this 
IF(ISBLANK(PRIORVALUE(ItemName__c)),ISBLANK(ItemName__c ),ISCHANGED( ItemName__c ))

Stephanie DodsonStephanie Dodson
This might work for you (only in your case it would be the field name for your billing contact:

AND(ISCHANGED( Primary_Admin_Contact__c ), NOT(ISNULL(Primary_Admin_Contact__c)), NOT(ISNULL(PRIORVALUE(Primary_Admin_Contact__c))))

But this will only fire the rule if the contact is changed, not to a blank value and not if the previous value before the change was blank.