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Marc KorodyMarc Korody 

How do I check my API usage

How do I check my API usage, I am not sure what is making all the calls and I am getting this notification everyday now. The monitoring report does not give me enough information to fix this issue.

"Your organization has made 13783 API calls within the last 24 hours. This is 92% of your organization's 24-hour API call limit of 15000 calls. You will receive this notice once every 24 hours until your organization's API usage drops below 85% of your 24-hour call limit (12750 calls).

For more detail on your organization's API usage, please review the API Usage Report under the Reports tab.

If you wish to review or change your notifications, the settings can be found in Setup under Administration Setup > Monitoring > View API Usage Notifications.

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When I got a similar message several months ago, I downloaded a free package from the AppExchange called Force.com Sites Usage Reporting.  It contains a dashboard and several custom reports that helps narrow down where the problem was coming from.  We still had to identify and correct the problem, but now we use one of the reports on our command center dashboard to constantly monitor usage levels.
buyan thyagarajanbuyan thyagarajan
 Can you send a screen shot of the report which you guys use from force.com sites usage which helps you to track api calls? This would also help us..
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