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Can we Store Multiple values into Map?

Hi All,

  How can store 6 records in map1?

Can you help me in this, wether i am correct or not. if am wrong please tell me possible way to store 6 records in map?

Here  i want to pass map1 into another method

Map<String,String> map1=Map<String,String>();

list<Custom_Object__c> clist=[select id,name,phone__c,fax__c,country__c from Custom_object__c]; 
System.debug('size is'+clist.size()); // SIZE is 6

for(integer i=0;i<clist.size();i++)
 string sname=clist[i].name;
 string sphone=clist[i].phone__c;
 string sfax=clist[i].fax__c;
 string scountry=clist[i].country__c;

System.debug('size map31 is' +map1.size()); //want to get 6 here, and want map1 can store 6 records

mapvalues(map<string,string> map1);


here is the method

public static void mapvalues(map<string,string> map1);
 //here i want to insert that 6 records into cust object web_logs__c

//  1. name phone fax country
//  2. name phone fax country
//  3. name phone fax country
//  4. name phone fax country
//  5. name phone fax country
//  6. name phone fax country
Try this SOQL

Map<id,Custom_object__c> map1 = new map<id,Custom_object__c>([select id,name,phone__c,fax__c,country__c from Custom_object__c limit 6]);

system.debug('&!$&@#!@&#&'+ map1.size()); 

and hear the record id will become the key of map

hope it help, this is as per my understding based on what you explaned in above question
You could also store a map of maps, or a map of a list.  Like this...