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Coldfusion MX

Any tips on using Coldfusion MX - when I try to add the web service to my server components in Dreamweaver using the WSDL file I receive an error indicating that SalesforceConnector.class does not exist.
We haven't done any testing against Coldfusion internerally, but will see if there is anything we can uncover.  Do you have any additional information about the error?
I don't have any other info. This was the first time that I tried to use a web service with Coldfusion.

Dreamweaver allows you to easily add a web service to a site by simply entering the URL for the WSDL file. This creates a tree view of all of the available objects and methods. I was able to successfully add other web services regardless of style (DOC, RPC) and implementation (MS.NET, Axis, Apache SOAP, and more).

The one thing I did notice is that I was able to view the WSDL files for those services in a browser window. When I try to do the same with http://www.sforce.com/wsdl I just see this "sfconnector"

I'll keep trying and will report back any findings.



Try using this url:



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Acutally, I am able to view that in an IE browser window - it doesn't show up in Opera for some reason.

However, I still get the same error when trying to add the service in Dreamweaver.

Thanks for the quick response.


Did you find a solution for this? I'm having the same problem.

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I'm having problems as well. When I try to add the web service from within Dreamweaver, I get the following error:

Unable to generate a proxy.
Duplicate operation with name=query, found in portType'{salesforce}SalesforceConnector'

I also noticed there are sforce toolkits available for .NET, php, and Perl, but not CF. Any plans in the works?
I thought that CF MX was using Axis under the covers these days. You should log a case with Macromedia.
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I have no idea what that means.
call Macromedia and complain that there's a bug in their software.
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I'm confused. I can add other web services in Dreamweaver quite easily; the url below:


works just fine. I don't know a lot about how this stuff works, but if that wsdl link works then why doesn't the link from sforce.com work (http://www.sforce.com/us/docs/sforce.wsdl)?

What I'm trying to figure out how to do is use the current user registration form on our website to both insert the user information both in our database at our web host, and into our salesforce.com database so that someone doesn't have to enter the information by hand.
Where did you find that URL for the WSDL, its very out of date. You should login to the application and download the WSDL (login -> Setup -> Integrate -> WSDL)
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There is a Salesforce.com CFC project on riaforge.com that I have been using for a number of months with alot of success. It does the basic functionality and has a number of good examples.


Jeff Douglas
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