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How to integrate with SForce frontend/portal

My understanding of SForce API is that it allows one to integrate with SalesForce.com backend data. Is there a way to integrate other related applications with SForce.com's front end?



mike kreadenmike kreaden

What do you have in mind?

Good examples of front end integration include using Web Integration Links in salesforce.com, and using portals to allow users to interact with salesforce.com data via sforce.

Let us know what you have in mind, and we can steer you in the right direction.



Thanks for getting back.

Could you briefly explain what you mean when you say, using Web Integration Links in salesforce.com and using portals?

Is the Web integration link a way to integrate SFocrce.com into another application or have links in that application back to SForce.com? And is portal integration the way to integrate another application into Sforce.com�s portal.

In case of portal integration, how do I integrate my portlets into SForce.com portal? Do you have any documentation on the portal API? Does SForce.com use its proprietary Portal or does it use an external vendors?

My application runs certain heuristics on SForce.com's data and I want the results to be displayed within a portal on SForce.com similar to the �Message and Alerts� portlet you have in the demo instance.

It would be great if you have any samples/ Best Practices documents / API documents etc that will help me out.

mike kreadenmike kreaden


Web Integration Links (WIL) are a means with which you can provide a link to an external system, from within the salesforce.com UI.  The target of the WIL is a new window, so this is where you will display your UI to the user.  WILs are described in the online help, within salesforce.com.  A good example of this is the "Shipping Details" link on the Opportunity layout, within your Developer Edition.

Salesforce.com is not built on any third party app server (or Portal server), so the Portlet discussion is moot.