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Code MonkeeCode Monkee 

Does the developer edition expire/change privileges?

I have been using the developer edition trial interface for the past 2 months. This morning my java API code and the customer GUI were working as usual and I was able to add leads to my lead tab.  Now when I try to add leads I receive an "API is not supported for this Organization or Partner"  on my login request.  Also, when I login to the GUI, there is no longer a leads tab. If I attempt to access a recent lead I receive an "Insufficient Privileges" page. Has my account timed out? (If so, why can I login?). 

Or, could this be related to the fact that another member of my organization has become a Salesforce customer today and has just begun to use his commercial Salesforce?


Hi Code Monkee,

Yes, I see that your DE has been changed to a Demo that does not have API enabled.  I am tracking down the events that led to this and hope to have you restored shortly.


Hi Code Monkey,

There was an administrative error during the provisioning of Brian's account that caused a modification to yours.  It should be corrected and behave as it did previously.

Code MonkeeCode Monkee

Thanks Dave.