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User ID Mapping

Hello all,
I am trying to create an app that will allow my clients to pass info to my system from salesforce.com.  I have created a custom link that will do all of the work already.  I am running into trouble when the info gets to my system, and i cannot tell who the user is.  I have my custom link passing me the users SFDC {!User_ID}, but i have no mapping to let me know who that user is on my system.  Has anyone done this before?  Anyone got a good method for aquiring this info?
t anthonyt anthony
I could be wrong but you should be able to send the username by {!User_FullName} instead of {!User_ID}.

You could alternatively export the User table and do a look up (User ID to Name) in your application.


The problem with sending the users full name is that the name may not match on my system.  If someone is registered on my system with the name "Mike" and uses "Michael" on salesforce.com, then i will not find this person on my system. 

But, exporting the User table may be useful.  How would one go about something like that?

You could also store a custom field on the user object, and use that as the cross-reference mapping into your system.