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Applying filter in Page Layouts

Hi All,
In a Page Layout, can I define a filter based on a custom field.
I have a custom flag which is flagged for some records which are soft deleted. I dont want to show these records in some of the page layouts.
Is this possible?
This is not currently possible.  If you do not want these records to appear to certain users, the best thing to do (without deleting them) is to periodically query up all records with this flag and set the Owner to a user that does not share data with the people you want to hide them from.  This will hide them from those users, but still make the available to the admins and anyone else that they are being shared to.

Doing this means that these records will be hidden from these users completely.  No page layout or report will display this data.
Thanks for the response. Could you please eloberate a bit on querying and assigning the owner or re-direct me to some online help.
Well, with that solution, I guess I was assuming you had the Enterprise Edition.  Is that correct?

If so, it's a little hard to explain without knowing what your Sharing Rules are like in your Setup.  Can you explain how that is setup?  Alternatively, read up on Sharing Rules in the Help.
Yes we are using Enterprise edition.
I read the help and understood what you said.
Many Thanks.

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