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Create read-only lookup between custom objects?

Hello.  Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum for my question ...

I'm a newbie and using the free Class Enrollment app from AppExchange.  There are two custom objects, Class and Enrollment.  I've added Enrollment to my Contact page layout as a related list.  It works fine, except that once I've created an Enrollment for the Contact, I would like to display the Date Offered field (read only) next to the Class name field in the Enrollment layout.

The Date Offered field is in the Class custom object, and I can't figure out how to build a formula in the Enrollment custom object to pull this value as I need it.  If this were SQL, I would write something like SELECT Date_Offered FROM Classes WHERE ClassID = Enrollment.ClassID.  Is there a way in the formula builder to refer to a field in a related custom object?  I've searched help and the forums but haven't found anything.

In Enrollment, the Student Name field has a Master-Detail lookup to Contacts, and the Class name field has a Lookup relationship to Class.  Do I need a Master-Detail with Class to accomplish what I want?  But only one Master-Detail is allowed ...

Any suggestions on how I can go about this?

Ron HessRon Hess
sorry, the ability to show a field from another related object is not a current feature.
Sunny GSunny G

Thanks Ron,  You have resolved my issue...