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Reports for attachment - sizes, added by week/user etc.

Don't know if I'm missing something - is it possible to report on attachment stats - i.e. number of attachments by users, or sum attachment sizes by filetype, etc?
I can query the attachments via the Explorer, would like to make some reports available but don't see attachments in the SF reporting interface, where one chooses report type options anywhere.
Longer-term where I'm going with this, if anyone's seen a solution - I'd like to see something that will search for and download large pdf docs or images, resize them, and upload them again. I'm finding our users don't typically compress their documents and fear that it will get out of hand pretty soon - a solution like that would be very useful.  I'm evaluating CVision's pdf compressor and it's reducing the filesizes of most docs to less than half the original size. It can be run on entire folders - so if one downloaded offending docs, ran this tool and re-uploaded them, that would save time for the users and server space.
Ron HessRon Hess
check out
Setup --> Data Management

then open "Storage Usage" , you will find a list of attachments by size for the largest files, and by users for the greatest users by percent.

Also under Reports, new Report, pull down list "Adminstrative Reports" , check out Documents
it's not attachments, but that's the only report on files in the system

There is a table named as attachments. you can select as many fields from them and generate reports. you can contact me if still finding any problem.
ahsen saeed
Again AgainAgain Again
Thanks, ahsen, I didn't see your reply earlier! Much appreciated.
Is possible to download these atachments?