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I need a POP up alert besaed on different conditions. Any help is appreciated!

I am new to heavy customization of salesforce, but I hope I hope this is possible... I thank you for your attention ahead or time :)
I am trying to figure out how to set up pop-up alerts based on certain conditions.
Ideally, this is what I want to happen:
If an account is marked high priority or mark as unpaid, when a person calls for support I want the rep to be aware of that through a pop up alert. Thus if an account is marked high priority, when ever a rep visits that account page, I want a pop up message or window that says "high priority account" or "subscription expired". Best case scenario would be" if an account has this message then so would its contacts and the cases associated under that account"".
However, upon surveying the solutions it seems to me that pop up are only available after clicking a custom link, and not on page load with is not a satisfactory solution because it is very posible for a rep to miss this by accident.
Is it possible to embed an s-control or java script within a page. If not, what are some of my options for a work around?

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That is not possible in the current release.... but something that may enable that is on the roadmap.
It will not be possible with in custom screens of S-Control but if you can afford to create custom screens or some custom application altogether standalone working on the accounts data fetched from If you are ready to think on similar lines then please tell me the details and i will try my best to suggest you a solution.
ahsen saeed
One work around I have though of is having a custom section that shows alert about the case detail to show comments and priority. Is there a way to put something above case detail and if yes, can it be hidden so that It displays only in certain cases?