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Email-to-case issue

We have been usung salesforce for about a month and I keep having troubles with the email-to-case.  It seems that it hits a cap of 70MB of memory usage and then dies.  If there is multiple messages..say over 10-15 it will fail.  I also just found out today that attachments will also cause it to fail.  I have had to restart the service 4 times in the last 5 days :( 
The server I have this running on has a gig of ram.  It does not seem to struggling but when the email-to-case agent hits its 70MB, it dies.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks :)
You need to start it up with the -Xmx128M (or whatever value you want) option to tell Java it can have a bigger heap (than the default 64Mb).
First off, I know nothing about email to case.  So take my advice as you would a man on the corner holding a sign ontop of a soapbox preaching to the masses.

But I think its java.  And being that it is java it runs with a default heap size of 64MB.   Since 70MB is close to 64MB, perhaps I have stumbled onto your problem.

add the flag -Xmx256m to your call to increase the heap to 256MB.

As in:  java -Xmx256m emailToCase

(supposing that "emailToCase" is the name of the class you run).

Foiled again by SimonF.  The quickest typer this side of the Mississippi. 

A true western outlaw.

Wow that was quick...  I will give that a shot...

Thanks for your help