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Simple Field Type question

I know this is a developer forum but I have a simple question on field types. I am looking for a field type that allows the selection of multiple other objects to create a 1:n relationship. I see the field types Lookup Relationship and Master-Detail-Relationship, but both allow only one object to be selected. Is that right? With which field type can I accomplish the requirement to select multiple objects?
Right now, that's not possible. I'd recommend you post this as a feature request on this page.

~ sfdcfox ~

The way to create a 1-to-many relationship is Salesforce is to put a Lookup relationship on the many.


So if you had object types called "Parent" and "Child" and you wanted to one Parent related to many Children, you would put a Lookup on Child of type "Parent".


Then you can put a Related List on the Parent page which will list all Children related to that Parent.


Is that clear?