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Send email to Lead using workflow


I need to be able to automatically send an email alert via workflow to the email address in a Lead record (outside of SF).  Is this possible? 

I have searched the forums and this problem seems to come up quite often with no solution.  Does anyone have any good ideas about how to do this?

I am willing to use the API/S-control/javascript to do this if it is necessary.

Many thanks!
You can currently only do this through Outbound Messaging. You would need to create a custom application that can support the required logic (eg. use a sendSingleEmail call to send the email). So, a workflow rule would be triggered and would queue an Outbound Message. The message would be sent to your custom SOAP endpoint, which would be a service that would connect back to Salesforce using the provided Session ID, and then call sendSingleEmail. Or you could send the email through your local server to "save" your Mass Emails for other uses, and simply log an activity on the record using the Workflow rule (to save on API calls).

~ sfdcfox ~

Edit: If you don't mind using up Mass Email emails (1,000 per day limit), you could use an S-Control to do this instead.

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thanks sfdcfox for that great bit of information.  i will keep this idea around for the future. i did not realize there was a sendSingleEmail call in the API - is this new to version 9?

anyway, I solved this problem using a custom detail page button and using the /email/author/emailauthor.jsp page (with all the parameters) to send the email.  not quite as slick as using the workflow engine, but this was acceptable to the user's process so we went with it.

thanks again.
Yes, that was just added with the 9.0 API. I thought it was a pretty nifty feature.

~ sfdcfox ~
agreed - nifty  indeed.  thanks for he heads up!  

hello guys,

I'm developing a .Net web service to send triggered emails via ExactTarget (Email Marketing Software). I am bit confused with SOAP messages passing around. How can I get the Object ID which passes to my web service through a workflow trigger?

For eg; my web method would look like this.

public void sendEmail(String ID)