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Custom Object Import

Im trying to import 5 records to a custom object in Professioanl Add. Everything points to the data being imported correctly but the records dont exist. Upload completed, no errors...the recordsjust arnt there or at least I cant find them with a search for all records.

Any ideas...?
My bad... Here is my problem. The Custom Object is a Master/Detail to Accounts. I have the SF Account ID field I was using to map it to the correct Account record. When importing I am clicking the "Use SF Account ID field..." and selecting the SF ID in my import file and mapping to the Account Field. Im using Professional Addition.

There doesnt appear to be a way to use the SF ID for this? I used this because we have numerous Account records with the exact same name. How should I do this import to get the records linked with the Accounts?

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After some human error I got a test file to import using the Account Name only, but I have a bunch of records that didnt import because of the name discrepency (multiple Accounts with identical names). These are different companies in different states with the same name (Southtown Auto or Eastside Motors for example).

I have a custom number field in the Account record and my import file for the custom object. Is there any way I can use that field as a key for the import?

A seperate issue, I need to import the creation date which, from what I have found, I need to call my SF Account Rep when they open Monday. Is there any new work around or way to do this now? I didnt notice how old the thread was that said to call SF Account Rep.

I know these may be stupid questions from the newbie and I oppologize. Just noticed Ive got 2 different logins going too (Im both of the people in this thread...). Jeez...

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1.  You cannot upload Creation Dates for Custom Objects.

2.  I am stuck on my import because of the numerous (700 or so) duplicate Account Names.

How can I use the Account ID to match Accounts on a master-detail relationship field for a custom object upload?

After talking with support again and having them duplicate my problem, we had to upload the records in two passes. I guess there is a 10 field upload limit or something...? At any rate, it worked in 2 passes.