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formula question

I have a custom currency field in the Case object that I would like to use in a formula on a custom object, call it MyObj. What would the formula be to pull that field value over? The two objects are related via a lookup field, MyObj has the CaseID in it.

According to my understanding,Case Field will not be available in the custom object formula field.So you can not access in this way through formula field.



what objects *are* available?
daveyboy -

You cannot, at this time, use fields from another object in a formula.  You can, however, use fields in a related object to set a value via a workflow.  So, assuming that MyObj has a lookup relationship with Cases, you could create a workflow on MyObj that would set a read-only field in MyObj with a value calculated with a field in the Cases object.

Not sure if custom currency fields would not be avalable for this type of use, but it's easy enough to try.  Hope this helps.